ProLife Activities and Special Ministries

Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities

  • Education and awareness of the needs of persons with intellectual disability and their families
  • Opportunities for catechist training in special religious education
  • Inclusive education consultation/ workshops
  • Opportunities for spiritual formation, retreats and family days, such as, Annual Family Picnic, Annual Family Camp
  • Opportunities for Faith and Light Groups, Jean Vanier model
  • Education and awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities
  • Disability Awareness
  • Integration of persons with disabilities into parish life
  • Accessibility consultation
  • Opportunities for spiritual formation and retreats, Renewal Days (Persons with Disabilities Encounter Christ) in all deaneries
  • Network with existing renewal groups to integrate and welcome persons with disabilities on their weekends
  • Support for families with mental illness

Renewal Days with Persons with Disabilities:

Disabled Encounter Christ (DEC) is a retreat-like experience. Talks are presented by people with a physical disability or special need. Recognizing that every individual has human limitations or a disability of some things that we encounter in our daily lives, DEC offers and opportunity for adults of many and differing abilities to gather together to encounter Christ in one another and to share more fully in the goodness of God. People of all faiths are welcome. Feel free to bring a friend with you. The day will conclude with a Eucharistic celebration.

Family Camp for Persons with Special Needs and their families. Each September at Lake Williamson Christian Center, Carlinville. From Saturday morning until Sunday noon there are a lot of things to do - art activities, singing, square dancing, miniature golf, relaxation, MIMED parables and prayer. For information about Family Camp, please call (217) 698-8500 ext. 167 or email us at .

WELCOME TO MY WORLD is a workshop designed to enable people to grow in understanding the needs and potential of persons with disabilities.

Attitude assessment
Simulation experience of various disabilities
Information to dispel myths and misunderstandings
A call to open ourselves to persons with disabilities, that we might know the richness they have to offer

WELCOME TO MY WORLD is an invitation to share another person's world, to enter into their life, to experience their relationship, expanding their world and ours.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD may be presented in a 2 1/2-3 hour format or shortened to a minimum of 1 hour to meet the needs of the class. The time is determined by your group and the Ministries to Promote the Dignity of the Human Person. Please have three optional dates ready when you contact the office.

At your school, parish hall or another designated location

WELCOME TO MY WORLD is designed to be presented to people of many ages:
School children, grades 5 and up
Children in P.S.R. programs, grades 5 through high school
Teachers and catechists
Youth and adults in parishes
PTA's and Home/School Associations
Confirmation classes

The Ministries to Promote the Dignity of the Human Person believes that by increasing awareness and understanding of the potential of persons with disabilities, positive attitudes will be formed.

Office for Pro-Life Activities and Special Ministries
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois

Donation to cover the cost of materials
used in the workshop.

For more information or to schedule a WELCOME TO MY WORLD workshop
Ministries to Promote the Dignity of the Human Person

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