Welcome to the ministry of Worship and the Catechumenate

Worship and the Catechumenate is a service and resource center for the liturgy, for liturgical catechesis, and for Christian initiation.

Realizing that adult formation and good liturgy foster and nourish faith, the services of Worship and the Catechumenate seeks to promote the liturgical and spiritual life of the people of God in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

Lectionary for Mass Supplement

The USCCB Committee for Divine Worship has complied and approved this supplement to correct and add needed texts for the four-volume lectionary of 1998--2002. Three publishers will offer the book for sale beginning 1 April 2017. It may be used immediately on publication. See more details in pdfthis attached PDF.

How to prepare a new liturgical book for first use

Jonathan Sullivan offers this short video showing how to properly open a good book so that it lays flat, lasts a long time, and does not break the spine.

Click here to view the video