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Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries, programs and services of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

The Parish Tithe / Previously ACSA

All gifts graciously and sacrificially given are an act of intentional discipleship and stewardship. You are a witness to the good work being done in your parish and the larger Diocesan mission and ministries when you make a gift. Your gift will also be attributed to your parish tithing goal, which replaces the Annual Catholic Services Appeal goal with a parish community tithing goal of 10%. This will help support your parish in meeting the tithing goal, which is collected from every parish in a transparent and fair manner. All of us are in this journey of discipleship together and your stewardship witness is a testament to the Good News happening all around your parish and the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Thank you for your support!

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Cathedral Mass Livestreaming Video Equipment

In addition to being a service for the sick and homebound, we hope our livestreamed Masses will help spark interest in people who have been away to come for the in-person experience. There are many stories of people who have converted to the Catholic faith as well as from fallen away Catholics that the biggest obstacle for them was taking the first step, often due to fear of the unknown. They did not know what it would be like walking through the doors into the church, what they would see, how they would be welcome, and what they would experience. If they could test the waters, so to speak, and see for themselves what goes on behind the doors of the church, they might feel encouraged to give it a try and come to church in person.


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