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Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries, programs and services of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

The Parish Tithe / Previously ACSA

All gifts graciously and sacrificially given are an act of intentional discipleship and stewardship. You are a witness to the good work being done in your parish and the larger Diocesan mission and ministries when you make a gift. Your gift will also be attributed to your parish tithing goal, which replaces the Annual Catholic Services Appeal goal with a parish community tithing goal of 10%. This will help support your parish in meeting the tithing goal, which is collected from every parish in a transparent and fair manner. All of us are in this journey of discipleship together and your stewardship witness is a testament to the Good News happening all around your parish and the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for your support and generosity of the mission and ministries in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. If you are interested in supporting a specific ministry or Diocesan office, please click the donate button to complete your gift. We appreciate your generosity!

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