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Annual Catholic Services Appeal

ACSA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Catholic Services Appeal?

The Annual Catholic Services Appeal is the yearly fundraising campaign which supports many of the educational, spiritual and service ministries of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Every Catholic family or individual is asked for their financial and prayerful support.

Why should I contribute?

Stewardship calls us to recognize that all we possess has come to us as a gift from a loving God. We are called by God to receive these gifts gratefully, use them fully and share them with others. As Catholics in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, we share our blessings not only with the members of our parish, but also with our less fortunate neighbors throughout the 28 counties that make up the diocese. Your contribution to the appeal is helping your parish meet its assessment. In the past, the diocese was funded by the cathedraticum. This was an assessment that was levied against a parish’s income. In the late 1980’s, the Annual Catholic Services Appeal was started in an effort to help keep more money in our parishes by asking the people to directly support the ministries of the diocese. If a parish surpasses its goal, 100% of the overage is returned to the parish. If a parish falls short of its assessment, the difference is paid by the parish from its income.

Is there a minimum I need to donate?

There is no minimum. All gifts are gratefully accepted and valued. The goal is for all Catholics to prayerfully consider a donation in accordance with the gifts God has given to them.

Will you accept other forms of gifts besides a check?

You may make a one time gift, or make a pledge and be billed monthly. We also gratefully accept gifts of stock. Don’t forget that we also accept credit cards. We currently do not accept online credit card payments.

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