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Office of the Bishop

Bishop Paprocki's Public Schedule

Please make requests for Bishop Paprocki's 2020 calendar below. Before making your request, please make sure to check his schedule below to verify the date you would like to request is available. If you would prefer to mail lin your request, please use the form below.

2020 Schedule Request Printable Form

Complete Schedule Request Form

Notes on the Schedule

Letter from Bishop Paprocki about Confirmation at the Cathedral

  • Dates that are darkened are not available. Bishop will be making visits to parishes during the year. Parishes will be contacted to set up these visits.

  • Suggest at least two possible dates for the bishop's consideration.

  • Smaller parishes are asked to consider whether one confirmation could be celebrated for all the parishes in your pastoral unit, or whether you could celebrate with at least one other parish in the unit.

  • All requests must be received no later than August 1, 2019, and dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.