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Office for Catechesis

Parish Grants

The Catechetical Parish Grants available through the Office for Catechesis are designated to be used only for adult education and catechetical formation.  These grants should be submitted by a parish catechetical leader. To further understand the rationale, guidelines and regulations, please read the content below. Applications are at the bottom of the page. If you have specific questions you may contact the Director for the Office for Catechesis at 217-698-8500, x178.  Applications for Grants for the 2020/2021 year will be available in February 2020. 

The $1.25 million endowment for Catechist Formation and Religious Education would be used to:

  • Assist in the professional training of the Catechetical Leadership Personnel (DREs/CREs) of the diocese:
  • Support catechists in attaining or advancing …in the [Diocesan Catechist Formation Process]
  • Supply media and catechetical/adult enrichment materials; and
  • Enrich programs for adult faith formation.


Two of the areas that the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois named in the case statement of the Harvest of Thanks, Springtime of Hope campaign as worthy of endowment monies are catechist formation and adult faith formation.  The Office for Catechesis has been charged with the responsibility of administering monies for projects that advance catechist formation and adult faith formation.   This will be done in the form of parish catechetical grants. 

Grants will become available for innovative and effective efforts at the parish level that will foster and sustain the catechetical mission of the parish.  The grant money could be used for technology, staff development/catechist formation, leadership development, program development, and resources that support any of these efforts.  Grants will not be awarded for salaries, capital improvements, previously purchased items, participant costs to/from an event, or non-catechetical costs (this includes hospitality costs for participants and/or planning team).

The awarding of a grant requires an application process.  The application process consists of the completion and submission of an application form by a parish administrator.  If the grant is awarded, there will be a requirement of completion and submission of a grant report.


  • Grants will be awarded to parishes for efforts that fulfill a definite catechetical plan for catechist formation or adult faith formation projects. This plan should include goals and specific steps which will be taken to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Grants for catechetical materials (DVDs, books, etc.) will be awarded for no more than $500.
  • Grants will not be awarded for salaries, capital improvements, previously purchased items, participant costs to/from an event, or non-catechetical costs (this includes hospitality costs for participants and/or planning team).
  • It is understood that when purchasing items, the tax-exempt status of the diocese should be utilized.
  • All requests for grants will be submitted on the application form provided.
  • All applications should be type written or clearly printed in ink.
  • Grant applications are to be completed and returned to the Office for Catechesis by a particular date on the application. Applications post marked after this date will not be accepted.
  • Forms from the parishes must be returned by mail. Faxed/emailed forms will not be accepted.
  • Awards will be limited per parish per year depending on funds available and number of applications.
  • Partial awards may be granted.
  • Most grants are one-time-non-renewable.
  • Parishes may submit no more than one grant application per year.
  • The application/disbursement process began in 2009.
  • Grants will not require repayment unless the project is not implemented. If it becomes necessary to change the original plan, the Office for Catechesis needs to be notified prior to implementing the change and a letter of explanation for the change to the original project application must be submitted to the Office for Catechesis.
  • The original copy of the final report of the project must be completed and submitted with receipts for purchases to the Office for Catechesis by May of the following year. Failure to do so will result in denial of a future application. Monies not used will be expected to be returned.
  • Monies not dispersed will be rolled over into the deferred endowment account. The amount rolled over becomes available for use by applicants the following year.
  • It is strongly recommended to:
  • a) make and retain a copy of your completed application prior to mailing along with your final report (with receipts) and
  • b) mail your documents, especially the application, via priority mail with tracking.
  • New grants will not be awarded until the previous grant is completed and final report submitted to the Office for Catechesis.


  • Announcement of and application forms for the Parish Catechetical Project Grant will be mailed to pastors and parish administrators (DREs/CREs) in February.
  • The applications must be received by the Office for Catechesis by mid May.
  • The Office for Catechesis and a committee will review all applications within one month following the deadline.
  • Notification of award or denial will be sent to the applicant within two months following the deadline. 
  • Those receiving the notification letter granting an award will also receive an agreement form which will be completed and returned before the funds will be issued.
  • The Office for Finance of the diocese will issue the checks and pass them on to the Office for Catechesis to disperse to the parish recipients. 
  • The Office for Catechesis will track all applications, outcomes of the application including collection of final reports, and check dates and amounts.
  • After each year of the process, the Office for Catechesis will complete a report of the amount dispersed to each parish or the diocese and the amount to be rolled over into the deferred endowment account.