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Office for Catechesis

Policies and Procedures

This page will be dedicated to posting policies and procedures relevant to the mission of catechesis in the diocese. Updates will be announced via this office’s e-Newsletter. To be added to the e-Newsletter distribution list, please contact Kyle Holtgrave at

Handbook for Catechetical Ministries

A handbook summarizing all diocesan policies related to faith formation is being created and will be posted here once it is published.

Religious Education Assessment

Schools and Parish Schools of Religion are asked to annually assess students. Contact the Office for Catechesis for details.

Home Catechesis

Since parents have the primary responsibility and the right to select those means through which they can provide more suitably for the Christian education of their children in accordance with the teachings of the Church, the Church community shall fulfill its responsibility to parents in their catechetical role by providing programs, resources and support.


Parents may choose to provide formal systematic catechesis for their children at home, apart from existing parish programs, but consistent with applicable diocesan policies for catechesis from Book III: The Teaching Office of the Church, Policies and Procedures for Religious Education.

The following process for establishing a home catechesis program is promulgated in Bk3§1701.3:

  • Parents, their pastor and/or his designated catechetical leader meet to discuss mutual responsibilities and expectations for the catechesis, producing a written covenant between the pastor, parents and the child(ren).
  • The pastor and/or his designated catechetical leader provides parameters for the selection of textbooks and other materials, ensuring that the text is listed on the approved list of curriculum from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s subcommittee on the Catechism.
  • Parents catechizing at home are expected to participate in the life of the parish, which may include:
    • Participation in parent sessions
    • Attendance at parish and diocesan catechist formation sessions
    • Participation in sacramental program, retreats, liturgical celebrations, etc.
    • Being a part of the community for worship and other such events as determined in the covenant.
  • The covenant should also include what resources and support you should get from the pastor and his parish catechetical leader, including materials and opportunities for the parents’ faith development.
  • If home catechesis includes formation for the first reception of sacraments, the covenant should include information about how the pastor will determine readiness for children to receive these sacraments and keeping in mind the norms for the reception of the sacraments in the proper order.

For More Information

To reference all diocesan policies, please see https://www.dio.org/policy/home.html

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