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Office for Catechesis

PSR Guidelines

This part of the diocesan website is dedicated to sharing information about Parish School of Religion and how to continue offering faith formation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Guide for Opening PSR Safely


Online Formation Programs

Over the past few months, I’ve been sending links to resources that I hope are helpful for you. This section is a recap of the online options that are available for people who are not willing or able to engage in catechesis at the start of the school year. As a reminder, parishes should have a distance-learning option in place for the upcoming school year so familiar who are not ready to send their children back to faith formation gatherings will still have a platform to use at home.


Sacramental Catechesis

For a list of curriculum for Confirmation/First Holy Eucharist, please go to https://www.dio.org/catechesis/restored-order.html. Some of the curriculum on the Restored Order page have digital options such as e-books.


Formation Resources:

Over the past few months, a variety of adaptations have been made in response to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The first section below is a list of resources publishing companies produced in the immediate aftermath of travel restrictions. Some of these resources may no longer be available. The second section highlights curriculum that is available in an online format for faith formation can continue at home.

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