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November 29, 2018

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Statement Regarding the Illinois Attorney General’s Catholic Church Investigation

The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois has been voluntarily cooperating with an inquiry from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan regarding the history and current policies and procedures relating to abuse of minors by priests in our diocese. We have provided the Attorney General’s office with comprehensive documentation of our policies and procedures along with information about cases of abuse.

This review has recalled instances of past abuse by a small number of priests in this diocese and the pain and suffering inflicted upon their victims. Today, we are publishing the names of clergy with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of minors as determined by our Review Board, which has been in place since 2002 to review allegations of abuse by clergy. The Review Board in effect during this time has been comprised of predominantly lay people with professional backgrounds in areas such as state and local law enforcement, criminal and civil law, education, and psychology.

“Any single case of abuse is one too many,” said Bishop Thomas John Paprocki. “But this review has shown the positive impact of a zero-tolerance approach, and we are committed to sustain these efforts with heightened vigilance.”

In the wake of this inquiry, we welcome further discussion and suggestions from the Illinois Attorney General’s office regarding any concrete steps to strengthen these measures.

We encourage anyone with information about a case of abuse to contact the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois Child Abuse Reporting and Investigation number at (217) 321-1155. Allegations of clerical sexual abuse of minors are investigated and examined by a Review Board composed predominantly of lay people not employed by the diocese. Individuals may also contact the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Child Abuse Hotline at 1(800)-25-ABUSE.

Please see promise.dio.org for information regarding substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of minors and information related to our preventative efforts in this diocese.