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About the Diocese

Presbyteral Council

The Presbyteral Council of our Diocese is, in effect, a senate of the bishop made up of representatives of the "presbyterate" or body of priests. The council provides the bishop with a forum for the exchange of ideas, consultation, and advice regarding the pastoral work of the Church in the Diocese. The Second Vatican Council mandated such councils to ensure the welfare of the people of God and to effectively communicate all issues pertaining to parish life.

The Diocese's priests elect about half of the members to the council. All priests serving the Diocese can vote in this election. In addition, some priests are members of the council by virtue of their office. The bishop names the remaining members to the council. The main focus in electing members is to reflect the diversity of ministries and regions of the Diocese.

Bishop Paprocki presides over the council and accepts proposals from members. The members serve as a consultative body to the bishop. By law, the Bishop must seek the advice of the council on the following issues: the advisability of a diocesan synod, the modification of parishes, offerings of the faithful, norms for parish councils, the construction of a church or conversion of a church to secular use, or the imposition of a diocesan tax.

Presbyteral Council Members

Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki
Very Reverend Albert F. Allen, V.F.
Reverend Steven Arisman
Reverend John C. Burnette
Reverend Bernard Thomas Donovan
Very Reverend Leo J. Enlow, V.F.
Reverend D. Patrick Gibbons
Very Reverend Jeffrey H. Goeckner, V.F.
Very Reverend Jeffery A. Grant, V.F.
Reverend William Jeffry Holtman
Reverend Monsignor Michael R. Kuse
Very Reverend Thomas C. Meyer, V.F.
Very Reverend Joseph M. Molloy, V.F.
Reverend Monsignor James D. O'Shea
Reverend Martin Smith
Reverend Scott A. Snider
Reverend Donald L. Wolford

Presbyteral Council Ex officio Members

Reverend Monsignor David J. Hoefler, V.G.
Very Reverend Brian C. Alford
Very Reverend Christopher A. House, V.J. (Secretary/Treasurer)