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Annual Catholic Services Appeal

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One of the responsibilities of the office for Stewardship & Development is to market the Annual Catholic Services Appeal.

In order to acomplish this we use a direct mail campaign to reach every Catholic household in the diocese and we distribute parish manuals, posters, videos, and thermometer charts to every parish to promote the Annual Catholic Services Appeal.

Our goal in marketing the appeal is to help each parish make its goal and to inform parishoners of the diocese, the purpose behind the annual appeal, and why we need their support.

Prior to the Annual Catholic Services Appeal, parishes were assessed annually a certain percentage of their offertory income to help support the diocese. This was called "Cathedraticum". Most people knew nothing about it. In order to help keep a parish more of its offertory collection for local needs, the Annual Catholic Services Appeal was started. Contributions to the Annual Catholic Services Appeal are really helping parishes meet their assesments. If a parish's Annual Catholic Services Appeal goal is surpassed, the excess amount is returned to the parish. If a parish doesn't meet its goal the difference is made up from the regular Sunday offeratory.

The Annual Catholic Services Appeal supports more than ninety programs and services that touch the lives of many people. The funding from the appeal for these programs is a real lifeline. Some services are beyond the resources of any one parish. It would be impossible for an individual parish to duplicate the scope of services provided by the diocese. By having the diocese coordinate these activities and ministries, we eliminate duplication of services and save both time and money. We are also able to provide long-term programs for the entire diocese.

Learn more about the Annual Catholic Services Appeal at www.dio.org/acsa.

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