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Divorce Recovery

Divorce is never a part of anyone’s plan for life. When you were married you intended it to be a lifetime commitment, but now you find yourself faced with a situation you never envisioned. Few of us are prepared for the long journey of healing after divorce. Divorce is a process not simply a legal decree. As with all processes it takes time and the amount of time is unique to each individual.

Perhaps the best teachers of what is involved in this process are other people who have gone through a divorce. When they speak there is no sense of judgment being felt and it helps to see that others have not only survived but often thrived through the process of divorce.

The Family Life Office offers two programs to help you as you enter the process of dealing with the aftermath of your divorce. The first is a divorce support group that meets weekly for ten consecutive weeks entitled The Divorce Recovery Workshop. The second is a weekend retreat experience entitled the Divorced and Separated Koinonia or DASK for short. Both programs are entirely staffed and facilitated by others who have been through the divorce process.

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