Natural Family Planning

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Throughout your married life situations and times may arise where it is important for you and your spouse to be able to postpone accepting another child into your family. If that is the case there is only one morally acceptable way to space, or postpone, pregnancies for couples. The set of knowledge that enables couples to make the appropriate decision in accord with God's will for their life is called Natural Family Planning (NFP).

In the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois there are various models of NFP that you can choose to learn. Each method of NFP is completely reliable and when used consistently and accurately all methods can achieve 99% effectiveness ratings for postponing pregnancy. The following methods break down into three different types:

NFP Methods

1. Those that make use of cervical mucus observations and daily basal body temperature readings.

2. Those that make use of cervical mucus observations and the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor.

3. Those that make use of cervical mucus observations.

Not only is NFP suitable for postponing pregnancy it is crucially important for helping couples to achieve pregnancy as well.

In short, there is no other way for married couples to be able to participate with God's creative will in their life while maintaining the two inseparable aspects of marital love -which are Babies and Bonding. In other words, to use anything other than NFP in your marriage undermines the very sacramental life you asked to receive and participate in during your wedding Mass/ceremony. This is why it is vital that NFP training is a part of all marriages in the Church.

We look forward to being able to work with you and your spouse to find the best method that will work for you both in your daily lives.