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Office for Human Resources

Second Grade Teacher

Job Title: Second Grade Teacher
Location: St. Patrick School, Decatur
Deadline to apply: May 22, 2020

Job Description

The person selected for this position will be responsible for the general supervision and instruction of the second-grade classroom.   This person must have a warm and friendly personality, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, be able to relate well to children and co-workers, and be willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with the school’s educational philosophy.  This person must also be able to teach our children about the Catholic faith, along with teaching the core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, etc.

RESPONSIBILITIES shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Implementing the daily curriculum of core subjects.
  2. Planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up the learning space, and preparing needed materials and supplies.
  3. Maintaining a professional attitude and loyalty to the school.
  4. Treating all children with dignity and respect.
  5. Attending recommended training programs and conferences.
  6. Participating in professional workshops that work for the improvement of early childhood education.
  7. Maintaining confidentiality about children, their families, and other employees outside the school.
  8. Supervising outside playground activities.
  9. This is a full-time position, Monday-Friday from 7:45-3:15 pm

Job Qualifications

Must have a valid teaching license in the state of Illinois or proof of working towards a valid Illinois license.

How to Apply

Send resume, cover letter, and any references to Nicholas Blackburn at blackburnn@ssjpparish.com