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The Church Responds to Hurricane Matthew CRS-logo

Hurricane Matthew, a powerful category 4 storm, made landfall on Haiti early Tuesday, October 4, 2016. With as many as 900 killed and tens of thousands of homes destroyed in Haiti, the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew is becoming more clear as officials and aid workers are starting to reach remote areas.

Outside of immediate food, the greatest needs will be shelter, water and hygiene supplies. Along with partners, Catholic Relief Services is now responding in some of the most affected areas in southern Haiti. CRS will distribute blankets, kitchen and hygiene kits and other emergency supplies as needed, as well as monitor potential outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. CRS is distributing hygiene kits, including soap, buckets and toothbrushes, as well as kitchen utensils and blankets

To learn more about the how CRS is helping the people of Haiti, to get involved or to donate to the relief effort, please click the button below.

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Emergency: Refugees in Crisis

Because of the generosity of Catholics in the United States Catholic Relief Services has been able to assist more than 600,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees over the past four years. But Catholics in this diocese are wondering: “What more can we do?” I have received urgent requests from people in parishes, who want to respond to Pope Francis’ call to open their hearts and homes to these refugees.

Together with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, or USCCB, Catholic Relief Services is stepping up efforts with the U.S. government to open the doors to more refugees. But this will not happen quickly. Catholics in the United States need to take action through the Catholics Confront Global Poverty Action Center.

In the meantime, on your behalf, CRS has expanded their holistic approach to the refugee crisis. Building on more than 4 years of helping 600,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the Middle East, as well as more recent help in the transit countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, they are reaching out to their sister organization, Caritas Germany, to help it respond to Pope Francis’ call for the Church to resettle refugee families. In all of these countries, CRS is helping the local Church respond to displaced Christians, and people of other faiths and backgrounds.

So what can YOU do right now? You can click on this link, European Refugee Crisis: 7 Things You Can Do to Help to take immediate action to help our refugee brothers and sisters. Here you will find tools we can all use: information, prayers, fundraising opportunities and advocacy opportunities. Working together, with the Father’s love, even great tides like this can be turned.

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