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Plan for Funding Seminarian Education

My Dear Friends in Christ,

The Lord has blessed our diocese abundantly since it was erected more that 165 years ago. Generations of dedicated priests and religious, and devoted laity have built a community of Catholic faithful committed to discipleship and stewardship as a way of life.

One of our greatest blessings has been strong growth in the number of seminarians following God's call to serve our Catholic community through the priesthood. Educating these men must remain a top priority because priests are essential to forming and strengthening Christian discipleship. 

We currently cover that expense through the diocese's operating budget at a cost of nearly $1 million annually. But that model is not sustainable. As we look to the future, it has become clear we need a separate and permanent source for funding seminarian education.

We are considering a diocesan-wide capital campaign to achieve our vision. Such efforts are an effective way to raise money for crucial diocesan priorities like ours. As a first step, we are conducting a campaign planning study to seek input from the Catholic community in central Illinois.

As we embark on this important endeavor, I pray that the Holy Spirit guides us, leads you to participate and continues to bless our diocese. Your involvement, support and prayers are essential as we plan for serving not only the Catholic faithful of today, but the generations to come.

With every best wish I remain,

Bp Paprocki sign. bw

Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki
Bishop of Springfield in Illinois

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