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Office for Pro-Life Activities and Special Ministries

Welcome to the Office for Pro-Life Activities and Special Ministries

Our mission is to support social concern efforts in parish communities of faith.  We carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ and the gospel values of dignity for all life from conception to natural death.  Through prayer, education, outreach and advocacy we provide the resources necessary to bring social change in light of catholic social teaching.

Aggressive Abortion Legislation

Several bills are awaiting action at the Statehouse that would have a negative impact as we try to build a culture of life. One bill repeals the state’s ban on partial birth abortions and removes the requirement that only doctors can perform abortions, among other extreme, proabortion initiatives. Another repeals the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act. National polling shows both of these bills are in the extreme.

Determining Your Legislator

The proposed abortion bills (HB 2467/SB 1595; and HB 2495/SB 1942) are state bills.  Writing to the Governor and State Legislators (Representatives and Senators) is appropriate.  One size does not fit all.  It’s best if the individual writing the letter or calling determines who their State legislators are.  The parish could be located in one district with one representative/senator, but the parishioner lives in another district with a different representative/senator. 

Here's an easy way to determine state and federal elected officials  -  individuals should click on the following link, enter their address, click “Find Address” then click “Confirm Address”: 


A list of State and Federal elected officials for their address will appear.  Name, address and phone number is provided.  Governor Pritzker’s contact information is also listed. 

Reminder, these proposed bills are state level.  State Representative and State Senator (not Federal) need to be contacted.