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Project Rachel

Post-Abortion Healing

Toll Free 1-877-RACHEL-5 (1-877-722-4355)
Llocal calls (217) 698-4456

"Rachel mourns her children; she refuses to be consoled because her children are no more. Thus says the Lord: Cease your cries of mourning. Wipe the tears from your eyes. The sorrow you have shown shall have its reward. There is hope for your future."

- Jeremiah 31: 15-17

What is Project Rachel?

Project Rachel is a means for those affected by abortion to receive the healing grace of God through counselling, prayer, and sacramental reconciliation. Through loving and caring outreach those affected by abortion are given an opportunity to move toward reconciliation - with one’s self, the unborn child, family, Church and God.

A Loving Church

The Catholic Church has always spoken out against abortion, but, likewise, has always maintained love, understanding and forgiveness to those involved in abortion.

If you, or someone you know, have been affected by the trauma of abortion, know that your Church understands and cares about you and is ready to help you through the healing process.

What to Expect

Project Rachel is a private, confidential experience. By simply calling the Project Rachel number, you will be put in touch with a person who understands your problems. If you’d like, you can meet with individuals that are a part of a network of care for you. You can meet with a priest, counsellor, or volunteer who understands your situation. Meeting with a priest would include preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation. Talking over your concerns can help you deal with many unresolved feelings and conflicts.

The First Step

Often, the first step can be the most difficult, yet is so simple. Please call. We want to help you break your silence. You do not need to make your identity known to us and all matters will remain private and confidential. Toll Free 1-877-Rachel-5 (1-877-722-4355)

Retreat Opportunities

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries hold weekend retreats for emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion. Go to the following link for a list of upcoming retreats: www.rachelsvineyard.org

Other Suggested Website:

Project Rachel - www.hopeafterabortion.org