Why Catholic Schools?

It's an experience that’s different from public schools.

Our schoolsshape disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Catholic schools: Shaping minds, building disciples


Our schools are grounded with the teachings and principles of the Catholic faith. Students learn and receive sacraments, attend weekly Mass, begin each day in prayer, attend spiritual retreats, go on life changing trips like the March for Life and World Youth Day, discuss faith questions with teachers and clergy and women religious, pray for their fellow students, and think every day about how they can help others. It’s this emphasis on faith that helps our students to think and live selflessly, put on the face of Christ to those in need, and be a role model to others.


Our high school students perform thousands of hours every year of service hours in their communities. Our elementary schools raise money and food donations for organizations and people in need. Whether it’s helping stock food pantries, supporting crisis pregnancy centers, hosting toy drives, and volunteering in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or visiting the sick and elderly, our students in all our schools have a sense of service engrained in their heart, and they are called to live out that service in their communities.


Our students learn in a close-knit classroom experience. Our professional teachers and staff have shown a unique ability to connect with students due to the lower student to teacher ratio and an environment that is always grounded in faith. That has resulted in our students continually scoring higher on tests compared to their peers in public schools.

Arts and Clubs

Our schools provide students with the opportunities to explore their passions in the arts through theater, musicals, band, choir, and dance. They can also participate in numerous clubs, including: robotics, chess, broadcasting, scholastic bowl, art club, National Honor Society/Junior National Honor Society, debate, science, speech, drama, engineering, pep club, foreign language clubs, math team, speech competitions, photography, and science fairs.


Our schools offer sports programs to both males and females. Many of our schools are consistently competing in regional and state championships and are known statewide for their athletic prowess. Many of our high school athletes receive scholarships for their talents developed through their Catholic school.


Smaller class sizes create a better learning environment, one that is more centered on each individual student.

Our Student-Teacher Ratio is 12-1 in elementary schools.10-1 in high schools.

Why Catholic high school?

A good college helps set-up a successful career.
Our high schools set up those colleges.


Each year, our seven high schools receive tens of millions of dollars in scholarship money. The 2019 graduating class was offered $39,316,992 in scholarships. Our students are attending prestigious universities around the country such as the Universities of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, University of Notre Dame, Baylor, Ava Maria University, and Benedictine University.


The average ACT score is consistently higher than the state average.


Nearly 100,000 hours of service hours are performed.


100% of our seniors graduate compared to 85% of students across the state who graduate in four years.

Let our students tell you the
Catholic school difference

Hear why our parents and students love their
Catholic school experience

Catholic education has been a gift to me, along with my siblings, because it is an extension of the values we are taught at home. Like my family, the teachers and staff model the faith through their words and actions. SHG prepares us not only for college and life after school, but also for how to be a Catholic in tomorrow’s world. I understand that I am extremely fortunate to be able to attend Catholic schools, and I am eternally grateful for that opportunity.

Clare Cavanagh
Student / Sacred Heart-Griffin H.S.

A Catholic school education means being able to learn in a safe, welcoming and holy environment. A place where I can pray with my teachers and classmates without any judgement.

Campus ministry student
Marquette Catholic High School

QND has raised me to new levels of faith, compassion, hard work and success. The class work may be tough, but I know that it will make me that much more equipped for my future. I am often asked what does ‘Raider Pride’ mean to me? My answer to that has always been that Raider Pride is not only attending sporting events and supporting the Raiders, but it is truly putting 110% in everything you do and being proud of who you are, what you do and where you come from. Through retreats, conferences, and various events other the years, my faith has gone from wading in the shallows to diving in to find out what lies beneath it all.

Katie Schuecking
QND Class of 2020

Catholic education is about so much more than school and education. For certain, we value the quality of the academics and school experience. More importantly, we know that the time our kids spend in school is helping them to grow in faith, character, and virtue.  As the ‘first teachers’ of our children in the faith, we know that the teachers and staff in the school are our coworkers and partners in this mission, helping to reinforce all that we are working hard to do at home.

Mike Christie
Parent / Blessed Sacrament School

All of our elementary and secondary Catholic schools grade and high school are recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as well as reviewed by the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office. This is to ensure they are providing a good and safe learning atmosphere, suitable instruction for academic growth, and proper faith formation for all students.

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