About Religious Life

jesus_knockingWelcome! Thank you for visiting our religious vocations page. We hope you will find it helpful. Our Vocation web page is a good place to become familiar with the religious communities that serve in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

Usually, your first thoughts about becoming a religious are very personal. You may not be ready to share it with others yet. Some people have thought about becoming a sister, brother or priest for years, and have "put it on the back burner" while involved with school or other endeavors in life. Some refer to it as a thought "that keeps walking around in my head!" For others, it is a recent encounter with God or a life event that has evoked a deep desire to serve God and others.

You have come to this page because there is a stirring within you. Perhaps you are wondering if you are being called to religious life. Or, you may have discerned that you are being called to become a religious and want to search out different religious orders.

Our web site is here to help you! We provide information about different forms of religious life and as well as a variety of religious orders. It is a wonderful way to explore religious life at your own pace. We are also here to assist you on your journey, so please feel free to us.

You are not alone in your search. God is the one who calls, and will be with you, guiding you on your journey. God gave you the thought and the courage to click onto this web page and read this far. The same loving God will continue to help you.