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Weighing Practices against Principles: Revisiting the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

Weighing Practices against Principles: Revisiting the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy is a workbook on eight basic principles for the liturgy.

The beginning of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy provides an overall goal and eight foundational principles for doing good liturgy. In presenting each principle the author will explain terms and concepts, describe how the principle is expressed in the liturgy and the liturgical year, name good practices to foster (using examples from parish experience), list dangers to avoid, and clarify what is at stake.

This workbook also contains worksheets for users to (1) name additional good practices to foster, (2) name additional dangers to avoid, (3) assess current parish practice, and (4) list dreams for parish improvement as a way to establish parish priorities.

Diocesan Pastoral Plan Goal One - Eight Basic Principles and Twenty-Four Strategies for Good Liturgy

Weighing Practices Against Principles Workbook

Individual Sections

Pages 1-3 - Introduction - Weighing Practices against Principles Revisiting the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

Pages 4-7 - Principle One Liturgy Celebrates the Paschal Mystery (the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension) as the Redeeming Work of Jesus Christ the Lord

Pages 8-11 - Principle Two Liturgy Celebrates the Many Ways Christ Is Present in the Church

Pages 12-15 - Principle Three Liturgy, through the Power of Christ, Makes People Holy

Pages 16-19 - Principle Four Liturgy Prepares and Leads the Church to the Heavenly Life with God

Pages 20-23 - Principle Five Liturgy Invites the Believer to Live the Christian Life a Life Grounded in Catechesis, Community, Worship and Liturgy,and Service

Pages 24-27 - Principle Six Liturgy is both the Summit and Fount for the Church

Pages 28-31 - Principle Seven Liturgy Requires the Faithful to Have Proper Dispositions and Pastors to Realize the Law Is Not Enough

Pages 32-35 - Principle Eight Devotional Prayer is Always in Harmony with Liturgical Prayer

Pages 36-39 - Conclusion - A Proposal for the Next Ten Years