Divine Worship and the Catechumenate

Mystagogy on the Mass Texts for Sundays and Holydays

"Mystagogy", simply put, is the study of mystery. For Christians, it focuses on the Paschal Mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is an ancient and beloved Church method for reflecting on the experiences of worship, prayer, and the Christian life.

Here are booklets with reflections for the Collect and the Prayer after Communion for the seasons of the liturgical year. They are undated booklet that may be used over the years. The Table of Contents for each booklet is on the last page.


pdfChristmas Time

pdfOrdinary Time 1-8 (Winter)


pdfEaster Time

pdfSolemnities of the Lord in early Ordinary Time

pdfOrdinary Time 8-14

pdfOrdinary Time 15-21

pdfOrdinary Time 22-28

pdfOrdinary Time 29-34 and Christ the King

pdfThe Proper of Saints – and days that replace Sundays in Ordinary Time

The individual reflections on the Collects and the Prayers after Communion in a single page format are accessible on the owner's website, the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions [FDLC] www.fdlc.org/mystagogical-reflections-texts-roman-missals-third-edition.