Divine Worship and the Catechumenate

Liturgy Policy and Guidelines

The diocesan staff is reviewing and revising office document in the Pastoral Leadership Manual as well as those issued separately. The intent is to add clarity to the status of the various items that assist parish ministers in the pastoral care they provide and assure they are easy to use. Helpful definitions:

  • Policy defines (1) a legislative decision made by the Bishop that states a vision, a course of action, or a norm for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois or (2) an administrative decision that precisely directs methods or behaviors. Diocesan policy is particular law for the Local Church
  • Procedure defines a uniform method or standard for implementing a policy.
  • Guidelines provide helpful outlines, planning forms, handouts, examples, and the like.

The policy and procedures for faithful celebration of Liturgy are found first in each of the liturgical books. Here are current aids for use in our diocese.


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Liturgical Year and the Calendar

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Liturgy of the Hours

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pdfBibliography for New Ritual Book for Marriage – 2016

  • This 12-page guide is an annotated bibliography of ritual editions plus other helpful books.

pdfAdvice from the USCCB for the New Ritual Book for Matrimony – 2016

  • This 8-page guide concerns pastoral care of catechumens and 10 Q&A on implementing OCM.

pdfPreparing Music for the Liturgy of Matrimony – 2016

  • This 8-page guide contains advice from FDLC, copyright rules, excerpts from former diocesan guideline.

pdfFDLC Prep Form 1 within Mass – 2016

pdfFDLC Prep Form 2 without Mass – 2016

pdfFDLC Prep Form 3 with not Baptized – 2016

pdfFDLC Impeded Days for Ritual Mass of Matrimony – 2016

pdfThe Order of Celebrating Matrimony: Rubrics, Guides, and Best Practices - Entrance Procession


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Other Liturgical Concerns

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