Divine Worship and the Catechumenate

"We Give You Thanks and Praise" handouts

A Beginning. With this first issue of "We Give You Thanks and Praise", the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois began a monthly effort to help all the faithful prepare for the Roman Missal, third typical edition, in a new English translation. Although these issues appear in the regular diocesan Monthly Mailing, it is not intended for priests and parish staff members alone. It is intended for everyone. Parishes, schools, and institutions in the diocese may reprint these issues at no charge to insert in weekly bulletins, in school packets, in mailings to shut-ins, and to use in meetings of all kinds.

2011 Issues and Contents


July 2011

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Highlights of July handout

  • The importance of Sunday
  • Questions about the new English translation for Mass
    • Are we getting a whole new Mass?
    • Are we getting all new prayers?
    • Are we going backwards, returning to the Council of Trent?
    • Why is there a need for a new translation of the Roman Missal?
    • What's new or different about the revised translation of the Missal?
    • Can we start using the texts of the Roman Missal approved by the bishops immediately?
    • Do these changes for the Roman Missal mean that the old translation was not valid or orthodox?
    • What opportunities does the new edition of the Roman Missal offer the Church?
    • Can I see the new English texts now?

2010 Issues and Contents


December 2010

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Highlights of December handout

  • Future Meetings to prepare for the new missal texts
  • Revisiting the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
    • Principle Seven: Liturgy requires the faithful to have proper dispositions and pastors to realize the law is not enough.