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Diocesan Youth Days

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Diocesan Youth Days is a spirited response to St. John Paul II’s call to have youth celebrations in local dioceses every year. Since this call in 1986, dioceses all over the world have responded by hosting their own local gatherings and by participating in the international World Youth Day gathering that is held every 3 years in countries all across the globe.

Today, the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry sponsors a series of events that continue to build on St. John Paul II’s vision of celebrating the young church. Middle school students, those is 6th through 8th grade, participate in Diocesan Youth Days which is held every fall. Some sessions are held on weekdays for Catholic School students. Evening or weekend options are incorporated as well.

There are other options for older students, too. High school students have a diocesan conference and a national conference that rotate biennially. Older high school teens and young adults go to the international World Youth Day celebration.


Diocesan Youth Days is an event that is offered over the course of several days. Each day of the week, a different region of the diocese hosts a gathering at a local school or hall for a day-long retreat or evening session. Area grade schools bring students from the upper grades in for the day and local Catholic high school students are invited to help as group leaders. Schools split their students up so they meet people from the other schools that come. The evening events are included to accommodate students who are not in our Catholic schools.


The goal for the event is to continue forming disciples of Jesus Christ. The participants are invited to embrace their role as young disciples by meeting new people, trying new activities and being more aware of the needs of others around them. Through icebreakers, team building and group discussions, the group learns how they can be Christ for others in big and small ways. By the end of the day, everyone is challenged to continue growing in relationship with each other and with Christ.


April 3, 2019 ~ Springfield 7th Grade Retreat


If you are interested in hosting a DYD session in your area, please contact Kyle Holtgrave in the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry at (217) 698-8500, ext. 154, or email kholtgrave@dio.org.