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 Co-Workers in the Vineyard

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Networking with your fellow youth ministers is a great way to grow in confidence and competence in the practice of youth ministry. The bulk of the agenda is allotted to focus on your needs as youth ministers.  Some business items will also be shared at these gatherings. Ideally, these gatherings will be held throughout the diocese, so if you would like to help by hosting a gathering, please contact the Kyle at (217) 698-8500, ext. 154.



  • Saturday, July 27, noon, Villa Maria (lunch provided)
  • September 15
  • November 17
  • January 12, 2020


The agenda is driven by the needs you bring to the meeting. We will start with prayer and I ask that everyone bring a need, concern or any other topic that you want to share with your fellow co-workers. By sharing together, it is my hope that we build a stronger community of youth ministers in the diocese. A few specific items I would like to have a discussion about at the next meeting include:

  • National Catholic Youth Conference
  • Scoutis in the Catholic Church
  • World Youth Day 2022

Discipleship is a key theme that I want to talk about with the group, too. As you may already know, Bishop Paprocki is investing a lot of time and energy on becoming a stewardship diocese. And by stewardship, Bishop Paprocki is consistently clear that this initiative is not about money. By stewardship, we are all called and challenged to share more of ourselves by being more intentional about our discipleship in Jesus Christ. I would like to keep our bishop informed about the needs of youth ministers in our quest for being intentional disciples, so please help me by brainstorming your needs for what it means to be an intentional disciple for youth and you and a youth minister!

An ongoing point of discussion is the formation needs for youth ministers so we can be more effective at forming intentional disciples through our ministries, too.

I hope you will join me at these gatherings!


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