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Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Other Training Opportunities

In addition to diocesan formation opportunities, a number of resources are available for training in the area of youth ministry.


Voice and Vision: National Summit for Ministries for Youth and Young Adults ~

A National Academic and Pastoral Conference for Ministries with Youth and Young Adults

Wednesday, July 31 to Friday, August 2, 2019 at Franciscan University, Steubenville

Open to all pastoral and academic leaders in the Church!

Are you passionate about youth and young adult ministry? Do you have experience in that ministry, either as a newcomer or a veteran? Do you have something to say about how we might accomplish that ministry more effectively? Then please join us for Voice + Vision. We are intentionally not promoting our presenters because it isn’t about coming to a great talk from a nationally recognized speaker (though we’ve got plenty of them). It is about people like you, coming together as a community to pray, discuss, and propose “new styles and strategies,” while affirming what is going right.


Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies ~ Center for Ministry Development

The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program...

  • Equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, practical tools, and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive ministry with youth in parish and Catholic school settings
  • Nurtures the personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth of leaders for ministry in today’s Church
  • Develops the confidence, competence, and credibility of leaders for effective ministry with youth


Certificate in Youth Ministry ~ University of Dayton

This Certificate is designed for adults in parish youth ministry wishing to develop skills for effectively engaging young people in parish settings.


Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

Not able to come to a training session for ministry? The University of Dayton offers an on-line program that can help! The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) is designed to help Church leaders continue our faith formation outside the traditional classroom. Cost is $50 per session, additional fees if you wish to receive undergraduate credit. Go to http://vlc.udayton.edu.


National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Associate Members may include those individuals in various ministerial roles relevant to young Catholics who wish to be engaged in the work of carrying out the mission, vision and values of the NFCYM.

As an associate member of the NFCYM you can participate in a Ministry Network. One ministry network is for High School Campus Ministers and Religion Teachers. Below is a sample of discussion topics within this network:

  • Retreats
  • Service/Immersion Experience
  • Liturgies/Prayer/Environment
  • Faculty Development
  • Curriculum/Framework Overviews and Resources
  • Partnering between CM and Rel. Teachers
  • Handling “Hot Topics”
  • Peer Leadership Strategies
  • Models/Structures for Professional Development
  • The “Professional Identity” of CM and Religion Teachers

The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois is a Diocesan Member of the NFCYM which covers some of the benefits of membership such as reduced costs for conferences sponsored by the NFCYM.


 Certification in Lay Ecclesial Ministry