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Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry


Parish Retreats

One of the resources available for parishes in the diocese is customized retreats for youth or young adults.  Contact Kyle at ext. 154 to set up retreats for Confirmation, team building, leadership, chastity or any other topic your parish needs.

Common retreat options:

  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit ~ Confirmation Retreat
  • Moving On ~ Graduation Retreat for Middle School
  • Theology of the Body ~ Middle School Chastity Retreat
  • Servant Leaders ~ High School Leadership Retreat

Teens Encounter Christ

TEC is a movement of spirituality for older adolescents that focuses on the Paschal Mystery as a central theme.  At its core, TEC is an evangelizing process that works through the witness of the team members as the Paschal Mystery is lived out in concrete human terms.

In the Springfield Diocese, there are two TEC Communities. One is based in Springfield and the other is based in Quincy and is called Great River TEC.

Great River TEC

Great River TEC retreats are held at the Franciscan Retreat Center of Quincy University, 18th & Seminary Road, Quincy, Illinois. For more information about Great River TEC, check out http://greatrivertec.org/about/

Springfield TEC

Springfield TEC weekends are held at various locations around Springfield. For more information, go to: http://www.tecofspringfield.com/contact.html


Koinonia is a Greek word taken from Scripture which means community. Koinonia of Springfield is a community of caring people providing loving support and prayerful fellowship for all. Each weekend has a set program it follows focusing on the Paschal Mystery: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Koinonia is for young adults and older.

For information about Koinonia, contact Mikki Buhl at (217) 527-1912 or email:

Luke 18

Luke 18 is a 3-day retreat program for junior high students.  The goal of Luke 18 is to invite the participants, called Lukers, into a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church.  This goal is accomplished by forming a team of high school students who already have a relationship with the Church and are comfortable sharing their personal experiences of God with everyone present on the retreat.  For more information including a copy of the Luke 18 manual, contact Kyle Holtgrave at (217) 698-8500, ext. 154


Scout Retreats and Days of Recollection

Look for information about retreats for Scouts on the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting website: http://scouts.dio.org